Going with the flow – Saying yes in your heart.

“Yes is a world and in this world of yes live all worlds,” ee cummings.
Many of us like to talk about enlightenment or Christ consciousness or the Tao or living spiritually and often we get caught up in the linguistic complexities of what is really a very simple path. After all, these ‘ideas’ or philosophies are just representative of saying yes, ever more deeply. The real yes is enlightenment, the true Buddha nature.

Often we say yes but we don’t really mean it. Our partner or parent asks, ‘Can you go to the shop for milk? We say yes but it’s not an authentic yes. The action might be fulfilled – we get the milk – but the way we go about it is all no. We trudge up to the store – mentally and physically – and our no stops us being open to love and to the light. Not that we have to be enthusiastic or exited about getting the milk. Yes really doesn’t have anything to do with enthusiasm. In Chinese medicine five-element theory, there is a little understood point about the heart being damaged by joy. Really this is a poor translation. The heart is damaged by excitement, not joy. So excitement about getting the milk is an over-the-top reaction. Excitement doesn’t have a smile held within it. The authentic yes always has a smile within.

It’s important to understand that living in the world of yes doesn’t mean agreeing to everything. You can say no with your heart open rather than saying no by closing down. A student of mine once said that saying yes was dangerous because after a week of practicing the inner smile meditation, she went into a bar and about half a dozen men tried to pick her up. This is a misunderstanding of yes. You don’t need to disconnect your brain from your heart to live in the yes space.We need to understand that when we are in a no space, really we are in a state of self-harm. Of course this sounds ridiculous and looks much more superficial and less dangerous than cutting ourselves or starving ourselves – but it’s not really less superficial or less dangerous to us.

No, severs our connection with our hearts and with our spirit. There is nothing more dangerous than that. When we are caught up in anger, jealousy and blame we are engaging in self-harm. It doesn’t matter how we try and justify it – that’s the fact.There is no good reason for self harm. When we can say yes totally in everything we do, when we surrender ever more deeply to love – our lives are fulfilled and the life of everyone around us is benefited.

The poet, ee cummings, is right – yes really is a world that contains all.Kevin Niv Farrow

Kevin is the Founder and Director of AcuEnergetics® as well as a Master AcuEnergetics® Practitioner and Teacher of AcuEnergetics®. Kevin has practised and studied meditation and the energetic system since 1974. He has taught since 2000 and his published writings, meditation CD’s and teachings have brought him worldwide recognition as a unique and practical meditation teacher and an expert in the field of energy medicine. He currently teaches in Australia, USA, India, Asia and Europe. For more information about Kevin, visit Kevin’s full biography.