Big transformations on little people

Children are extremely sensitive when it comes to energy. Their minds are generally not as locked in to their stories as much as adults, which makes them more flexible and less likely to hold on to destructive emotions. This also makes them excellent people to treat with AcuEnergetics®.
 Below are a couple of real life cases, where AcuEnergetics® has made a real difference in the lives of these two little girls and their families.

Lilly’s Story
My daughter came to see AcuEnergetics® Practitioner Kevin Farrow after a recommendation by my sister Sarah Kinsela and her friend Stephanie who is an AcuEnergetics® student. Lilly was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder around 2 years of age. Over the years we have been on a healing journey with Lilly and have watched her slowly emerge from the distant other world that is Autism and learn how to be present here and now with us. Lilly is now 5 and we went to see Kevin as we heard that he had experienced some success with children that were Autistic. Lilly formed a rapport with Kevin right away and after 5 or 6 sessions we saw an amazing improvement in her cognitive processes. 

For the first time she understood the concept of time, she could understand what “in a minute” meant and also grasped that “in a couple of minutes” meant longer! She began to speak of the events of yesterday and anticipate future events and correctly label them with “tomorrow”. This was a massive leap forward in her development. Before Acuenergetics® we could only speak in terms of “First and Then” which dealt with immediate needs, for eg: First a sandwich then a drink. Now she can speak of and understand the concept of time in an age appropriate way. 

She has also begun to grasp the concept of “Why”. Previous to Acuenergetics® Lilly understood, How, When and Where but not Why. Now Lilly can answer “Why questions” and has even begun to ask some of her own which is music to our ears!These are big developmental steps that were achieved in such a short amount of time thanks to Kevin – and Lilly for opening her heart! Since these sessions I have myself attended the Level 1 course to learn more about AcuEnergetics® so I can continue on with Lilly’s treatment, in the future I would love to learn all there is to know about this way of working with energy as I have seen and felt the results and am impressed by the accuracy of the method. 

Libby Brimmer  

Ella’s Story
Two days after our second session we went away and I took Ella outside amongst the dewy flowers. As she stood against my legs and I held her shoulders she lifted her left leg and put it down in front of her. The she lifted her right leg and put it down in front of her. With me holding her shoulders she walked 10 steps right up to where the flowers were growing. The others couldn’t hear me yelling for them to come watch so I scooped her up, ran to the house and she again started walking in front of everyone.

She managed another ten steps before exhausting herself. There was much ecstatic smiling and a lot of teary eyes. We only managed one more session of AcuEnergetics® before we left Sydney but it changed us and Ella forever. We still have a daughter who needs lots of help on our hands but she has two blissfully happy parents who see that the little steps that mean so much can come from the most amazing places. For some people the road to health and wellbeing can be long dark and dreary with no end in sight. But for those who have experienced AcuEnergetics® it’s more than being a light at the end of the tunnel : it’s actually the light. Whether through being worked on by a practitioner or by learning yourself you can guarantee that your own road will be changed irreparably for the better.

Thank you, Anna.
(Anna and Ella’s names have been changed to protect their privacy)