Meditation and Mindfulness

“The aim (of meditation) is to free the mind from arbitrary and unnecessary limitations imposed upon it by habitual fixation on its own contents.” Thomas ClearyMeditation and Mindfulness have been known to have a wide range of benefits for many thousands of years. We often focus on the emotional benefits resulting from meditation which include stress reduction, increasing joy and creating a sense of calm.

However there are significant mental benefits which include improved creativity, better focus, increased productivity and improving awareness and listening skills. Meditation and mindfulness also have physical benefits which have been found for many health conditions, including heart disease, cholesterol, high blood pressure, insomnia, chronic pain, cancer, and immunity.

As the practice of meditation and mindfulness has become more popular, scientists have started studying it in order to quantify some of those benefits. The results are overwhelmingly positive. 

Feel Happier When You Practice Meditation

Meditation stills your mind, calms your emotions and opens your heart. When your heart is open, you feel blissfully happy, like when you’re in love.

You’ll be less likely to react to people and situations around you that can cause upset, frustration and hurt. Meditation helps you stay balanced, happy and free from the influence of your mind.

Heal Faster With AcuEnergetics® Meditation

Meditation plays an important part in AcuEnergetics®, both in the treatment of people and in maintaining health and wellness.

In treatment, we see that people who meditate have a quicker response to treatment than those who don’t. Their bodies heal faster and they are happier and less stressed. Because of the amazing effect meditation has on the body, mind and energy system, AcuEnergetics® is passionate about meditation and runs meditation nights, workshops and retreats to develop this ancient and beautiful practice.

Meditation for Young People

Meditation is a simple and beneficial technique with awesome benefits for kids. This is a life-long skill they can use to help get through challenging times and to find happiness within themselves. If your child suffers from anxiety, stress, needs help to calm and focus, or simply wants to learn and develop this ancient and rewarding practice, then come be part of Free Little Minds: Meditation for Children.

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