Kevin Niv Farrow

Founder and Director of AcuEnergetics®

Kevin Niv Farrow is an internationally recognised AcuEnergetics® practitioner, meditation teacher and expert in bio-electrical medicine.

He has practiced and studied meditation and the energetic system for more than 45 years. His unique understanding and approach to treating illness attracts people from all over the world to his Clinic in Sydney, Australia.

Kevin started to feel the energetic fields around the human body when he was only 19 years old. That was the beginning of a life long journey of searching, learning and discovering as much as possible about the complex and fascinating human energetic system.

In order to immerse himself more fully in this subject, Kevin travelled to India when he was 23 to learn more about the body, energy and meditation. Over the next ten years, he spent four years in India.

Along the way to understanding the energy system of the body, Kevin studied the classics of Chinese Medicine, the ancient Kabbalah texts, the Vedas, the ancient tantric texts of India and Tibet, the alchemical writings of the Middle Eastern and European philosophers and the teachings of western bioscience pioneers. He learnt and practised both Buddhist and Taoist Qi Gong, esoteric Tibetan Tantra, became a master in Reiki and Sekhem and studied various other energy practices and meditation techniques.

Over the years Kevin would map out how the energy system worked, prove it in practice and over 30 years later (in 2008) publish his book The Psychology of the Body – the first accurate mapping of the energy body.

Although he has been treating clients using his own techniques since 1979, it wasn’t until 2000 that Kevin created the AcuEnergetics® Clinic, which has seen thousands of people successfully treated for all kinds of complaints over the years.

AcuEnergetics® workshops have also attracted many thousands of people over the years to learn more about the connection between illness, their body, mind and emotions and to help them open up to feel energy, both in themselves and in others.

Kevin has carefully trained other people to become AcuEnergetics® Practitioners, who have each gone on to have their own success stories.

Kevin now lives and works in Sydney, Australia. He treats and teaches at the AcuEnergetics® Clinic in Balmain and also regularly teaches workshops around the world.

To discover AcuEnergetics® for yourself, simply book your Level 1 Workshop. Under Kevin’s expert tuition, you’ll develop the skills and basic understandings of the bio electrical system to start healing yourself and others.

Rochelle Taylor

CEO + Director of AcuEnergetics


Rochelle began with AcuEnergetics® in 2003 and is now a Director of AcuEnergetics as well as a Practitioner and Teacher.

Her university training was in communications, which is where she started out in the business world of agency life and corporate communications. But after some time in the corporate world – which included starting her own communications business – she followed her heart and passion towards helping people and took a massive leap into the world of health, healing and wellness.

It is here that she has found her home with AcuEnergetics® and dedicates herself to helping people with pain and illness and sharing the bio-electrical principles of the human body that can transform physical and mental health.

Meditation plays an important role in her life, which she started in 1996 and continues to practice today, more than 20 years later. Rochelle’s journey into meditation started at school when she was 16 years old and has taken her to India several times to practice various forms of still and active meditations in the ashram environment. She has studied both modern, practical teachings as well as more ancient and esoteric practices. In the last 10 years she has studied the meditation teachings of Kevin Niv Farrow, the profound heart and Breath meditations of the inner Smile and Inner Breath and more advance light body meditations.

She produced the AcuEnergetics® CD series enlighten on the ancient light body meditation practices and co-wrote The Wellness Balance Book and Meditation as Medicine with Kevin Niv Farrow.These days she has a busy practice treating clients, running the AcuEnergetics® business globally, teaching workshops and sharing her creation of Free Little Minds, meditation for children.