Meditation in the Workplace

Workplace stress, anxiety and depression are common in business today and employers not only have a responsibility, but fortunately many also have the desire to genuinely support
employees in meaningful ways, that help staff both professionally and personally. 

This is a essential, given seven in ten workers across Australia (70%) say they experience stress at work at least once a week, and one in seven (27%) feel stressed four or more times a week.

However, despite the fact that one in five Australians experience mental health problems each year, nearly half of all senior managers believe none of their workers will experience a mental health problem at work. 

This attitude could indicate that managers and their team are not prepared to deal with the ever increasing mental health concerns in Australia today. A company’s occupational health and safety (OHS) obligations extend to any workers with mental illness and recognising and
promoting mental health is an essential part of creating a safe and healthy workplace.

According to recent studies on workplace stress:

• A total of 3.2 days per worker are lost each year through workplace stress

• Stress-related workers’ compensation claims have doubled in recent years, costing over $10 billion each year

• A survey of over 5000 workers indicated that 25% of workers took time off each year for stress-related reasons

• In relation to psychological injury claims, work pressure accounts for around half of all claims and harassment and bullying for around a quarter of claims

• Preliminary research shows that Australian businesses lose over $6.5 billion each year by failing to provide early intervention/treatment for employees with mental health

Offering ways to manage stress and improve mental health makes good business sense
as research shows that every dollar spent on identifying, supporting and case-managing workers with mental health issues, yields close to a 500% return in improved productivity (through increased work output and reduced sick and other leave).

In addition, supporting staff in reducing stress levels and positively managing mental health concerns helps the overall business by:

• Reducing costs associated with worker absence from work and high worker turnover

• Achieving greater staff loyalty and a higher return on training investment

• Minimising stress levels and improving morale

• Avoiding litigation and fines for breaches of health and safety laws, as well as time and cost involved in discrimination claims or industrial disputes.

Meditation – of which mindfulness is one method – is one of the most effective ways of
combatting stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. 

AcuEnergetics has developed a Corporate Meditation and Wellness Program that has received excellent feedback. The program is designed specifically for businesses as a method to improve employee emotional and mental health and wellbeing, while providing tangible tools to reduce the levels of stress experienced within the workplace.

Meditation is an integral part of the AcuEnergetics modality due to the positive effect meditation has on the body and mind. Meditation also helps with:

  • reducing stress and anxiety
  • improving sleeping problems
  • creating a sense of calmness
  • improving the ability to focus
  • enhancing creativity
  • creating more joy and happiness
  • attaining a healthier body and mind
  • improving awareness and listening skills

Corporate programs are designed specifically for each company, with a variety of different features and length of program available. 

If you are interested in our Wellness at Work Programs or would like more information please contact Rochelle Taylor at AcuEnergetics.