Corporate Meditation

AcuEnergetics has developed a Corporate Meditation and Healing Program that has received excellent feedback. The program is designed specifically for large corporates as a method to improve employee physical and emotional health and wellbeing, while providing tangible tools to reduce the levels of stress experienced within the workplace.

Meditation is an integral part of the AcuEnergetics healing modality due to the positive effect meditation has on the body and mind. Meditation also helps with:

  • reducing stress and anxiety
  • improving sleeping problems
  • creating a sense of calmness
  • improving the ability to focus
  • enhancing creativity
  • creating more joy and happiness
  • attaining a healthier body and mind
  • improving awareness and listening skills

Corporate programs are designed specifically for each company, with a variety of different features and length of program available. 

If you are interested in Corporate Meditation or would like more information please contact Rochelle Taylor at AcuEnergetics.