Meditation for Young People

Introducing Free Little Minds: Meditation for Children.

Meditation is a simple and beneficial technique with awesome benefits for kids. This is a life-long skill they can use to help get through challenging times and to find happiness within themselves. If your child suffers from anxiety, stress, needs help to calm and focus, or simply wants to learn and develop this ancient and rewarding practice, then come be part of Free Little Minds: Meditation for Children.

Specifically for young people, meditation can help to:
• reduce stress & anxiety
• help with sleeping problems
• create a sense of calmness
• improve the ability to focus
• create better creativity
• improve exam preparation & results
• develop a healthier body & mind
• create more joy and happiness

The classes are fun and enjoyable, with a focus on developing the basics of meditation and mindfulness. We incorporate different tools, techniques, activities and meditations in order to practice and improve the skills needed to still the mind and train the attention.

We have also developed a free meditation APP, with meditations for children, spoken by children. So your child can access age appropriate meditations anywhere, anytime.

Visit our dedicated Free Little Minds site, where you can access the free meditation app or purchase the whole album, with meditations for toddlers to teenagers.

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Kids Classes

We have a special six week meditation and mindfulness course designed especially for children. If you would like us to come to your school or community to run it, please get in touch.

Or visit the Free Little Minds website and sign up to hear when our next kids meditation course is happening.

Meditation Teacher

Rochelle Taylor is an AcuEnergetics® Practitioner and Teacher who works with treatment of the body and mind and meditation. She is a mother of two little ones and has a passion for helping children learn the lifelong skills to help them cope with stress, big emotions and all the pressures that come with growing up today.

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