Trainings in Bioelectrical Medicine

It all starts with the AcuEnergetics® Level 1 Workshop, where you learn about the human energy system, to still your mind, open your heart and heal yourself and others.

Level 1 is designed for the beginner and would be beneficial for everyone to use in their everyday lives.

For those who wish to develop these skills learned in level 1 and then also expand their skill set with a large number of practical healing skills and balances, then Level 2 is a great way to do this. Still many people are doing this, for their own personal interest, knowledge and development, and to help their own family and friends.

Level 3 is a more intensive training both in length and content, because it goes into the theoretical understanding and principles of how the human bio-electrical system works, the history and different understandings, the influencing factors, and how we can restore flow and function to the system.It also teaches more advance healing skills for yourself and to use on your family and friends. it is a wonderful experience personally, as you learn a great deal about the amazing human body and in particular, yourself, your own patterns, attitudes and how that all plays a role in the physical and emotional functions and wellness of your body. Although this level is very in-depth in knowledge and information, it is extremely popular and again, still attended in most part by individuals doing it for their own learning and personal understanding. Some people certainly are doing ti with the intention of becoming AcuEnergetics® Practitioners and Wellness Balancers.

Practitioner Training is obviously for those people wishing to become AcuEnergetics® professionals, as it takes you through real cases and treatment approaches. However individuals commonly join this course for their own understanding, to help their own family and friends.

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Develop simple and effective skills to reduce stress, increase happiness, promote wellness in your body and mind and learn to heal yourself and others with AcuEnergetics®

Uncover your inner healing abilities with Level 1

AcuEnergetics® Online Training

AcuEnergetics® has created its own Online Training hub where we will offer a whole range of workshops, days and trainings for you to enjoy whenever and wherever you like, because they are entirely online.

You can visit our online training site.

Inside AcuEnergetics® Level 1