Benefits of working with the body’s bio-electricity

Well we’re just sneaking in with the July blog before the end of July. It’s been a big month for us here at AcuEnergetics®. With all the media interest and our Founder Kevin Niv Farrow being in the news, it’s been a bit crazy (crazy good). Anyway, we thought it was an appropriate time to talk about the real benefits in working with the bio-electricity in the body (the way AcuEnergetics® does) and the advantages in understanding this amazing system and how it all works.

It works

The most obvious reason to me to work with the electricity in the body is that it works. No matter what you think, or what you believe, this is a physical and electrical phenomenon and it exists. Whether you can feel it or you can’t makes no impact on the result of your treatment. Some people do and some don’t and this is irrelevant. I have seen many people over the years that have been skeptical and ‘don’t believe in this kind of thing’ and yet come in for a treatment and then been surprised by the obvious sensations they can feel whilst being treated. I remember coming for my first treatment and being skeptical as to what would happen. However when my treatment commenced I felt a very strong and tangible movement in my body – it was not subtle or vague in any way. I knew something was happening – I just wasn’t sure at the time what it was or if it was going to be beneficial. Time would tell that it was.

It makes sense

When you start to understand the nature of the body and how the bio-electrical system fits in with everything else – your organs, your mind and emotions, the blood, muscles and functions of the body – it all makes perfect sense. You start to see that there are patterns in the body and cause and effect. If one area is compromised, it will impact another. If your kidneys are weak, you will be tired. If your gall bladder has tension, you will not be so flexible. If you worry incessantly, your stomach will be upset. So when you see a symptom appear in your body, it is a great sign to see what area needs to be addressed, not suppressed!

You can help yourself

People often feel helpless when things happen to them – like pain or illness – as it’s confusing and seemingly out of no-where. However it’s quite empowering to understand the whole system of how the body works, including how the electricity flows and impacts our health, as we can then start to do something about it. It feels great to be able to play an active role in your own health and wellbeing, instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

AcuEnergetics® can help with things that sometimes no-one else can

Often AcuEnergetics® can help with pain and illness that many other practitioners have been unable to help with. This is simply because we work with a system that they don’t – specific and accurate maps of the bio-electrical system in the body. This is not a secret system – we teach it in our school and we want more people to learn it so they can help people all around the world who have conditions that have been unable to be treated so far. That’s not to say we can treat everyone for everything. But we have a really great success rate.

Pattern RecognitionWhen you start to understand how things fit together, you start to see patterns within the body and that makes it easier to see what is happening in a person’s body. For example, when someone has one symptom – let’s say a pain in the back. It could be a number of things causing the pain. But if they also have a pain in the neck and shoulder and trouble twisting and pain in the abdomen and foot – then the more symptoms we have gives us more clues as to what is happening in the body. It’s called pattern recognition and it shows us obvious signs of where the body is struggling and a way to restore health.So that’s a few reasons to start looking at what is happening in your body, if you’re keen to understand the areas that need some attention. If you’re interested in learning more about your body, the electrical system and how it all works, join us for one of our weekend Level 1 workshops.

By Rochelle Taylor

Rochelle is a mum of two little ones and has always been interested in finding ways to live a happy and healthy life while helping others. She has been meditating for 19 years, since she was introduced to the practice in school and found a passion for healing and energy medicine not long after that. Rochelle enjoys the challenges of life, motherhood, family, work, friends and somehow fitting them all in together. Work-wise Rochelle is an AcuEnergetics® Practitioner, Teacher and is also the General Manager of AcuEnergetics®. She has been practicing AcuEnergetics® since 2005 and is fully qualified to teach AcuEnergetics® Level 1 and AcuEnergetics® Level 2. She is currently a co-teacher for AcuEnergetics® Level 3 and the AcuEnergetics® Practitioner Training.