Energy Medicine Evolution (Level 3)

About the Training

Level 3 is an in-depth experiential & theoretical training in bio-electrical bodywork and a profound journey of self discovery. Students are trained to feel, understand and work with the meridians, electrical centres or sephira, bio-electrical strange flows and acu points. The emphasis of this course is on the practical uses of a detailed understanding of the physiology and anatomy of the bio-electrical system.

This amazing course is suitable for people who wish to undertake an amazing journey of discovery into themselves. It also appeals to people seeking a new career, those looking to enhance an existing career in western or complementary medicine, and people from other fields who wish to gain an in-depth understanding of how the energy body works.

If you have any questions about this at all, please fee free to contact us for a chat.

Bio-Electrical Physiology + Anatomy

Discover the bio-electrical system in the body and how it works to influence your physical, emotional and mental health. You will be amazed by how this works. Once you understand the system, you can improve the health of your body + mind.

Learn Skills for Healing Pain + Illness

Learn the most effective approach to the wholistic approach to healing pain and illness, using bio-electrical hand skills and techniques to increase flow and promote healing and wellness in the body.

Discover a New Way of Being

Learn how to give a Circulation of the Light Wellness Balance, to improve bio-electrical flow in the two main meridians of the body, improving wellbeing, energy level, immune function, cold + flu symptoms and jet lag.

Five Star Reviews

  • AcuEnergetics® Level 3 online was far beyond my expectation. I wondered how it would be presented and if I would feel like I did with the AcuEnergetics® in-person courses I attended previously. Kevin and Roxy do a fantastic job in getting the content to us before the course begins as to study and go through each module. I loved this as I could stop and listen to the material again if I didn’t understand it, giving me the opportunity to thoroughly cover the information in the next module and formulate my questions. This course has so much valuable content, It is so helpful to have Kevin and Roxy go through it again when we meet online. This is important because the understanding goes deeper as we get to ask questions and hear what others ask. I really enjoy having the capability of listening to the information repeatedly after the course was completed to further my knowledge on HOW bioelectricity moves through the body. For me, reading, listening and having it available to repeat the module when I didn’t understand something helped me to digest this amazing information. Thank you so much for getting this course online. I am grateful for how well it is put together.


  • This course is a amazing amount of information that will change the way you think about EVERYTHING! Kevin teaches level 3 so you understand things in yourself and others. It is life changing! What I love about AcuEnergetics® is that Kevin and Roxy are continually helping students/balancers/practitioners learn and understand this material so we can help more people feel better all over the world! Energy medicine and the power of it continues to amaze me everyday! I am so grateful for this knowledge, the AcuEnergetics® family, and this modality!


  • Amazing! Have loved repeating Level 3 online! So grateful for this, thank you xxx


  • It is indeed a great deal of information to get through but well worth the time invested.


  • I really enjoyed the Level 3 AcuEnergetics course – you go deeper into understanding the energy fields and systems of the body. I highly recommend it for anyone who has gone as far as level 2 to keep going! Energy medicine for me is like another piece of the puzzle in recognizing how the human physical body and energetic bodies work and function optimally. This is the stuff we don’t learn at school! And as always it was a pleasure studying with Kevin and Rochelle!


  • Good, I especially liked the individual chapter segments with the slides and the new Sydney class videos. It has helped me to better comprehend AcuEnergetics as a whole. This has been an extremely helpful addition to my class training. I will miss not being able to go back through this again. Repetition helps me remember and makes recalling concepts much easier. I filled this out before the final end date of study and found that I got locked out of being able to resume a review of my class!!! I sincerely hope I will be able to access my course again. Thank you.


  • At this point I couldn’t believe that I was having the chance to expand my knowledge of the mind-body energetic system at a point I couldn’t even imagine existed before! I’ve repeated this training a few times and I’m learning each time! This changed my life.


Course Details


Full price: US$5795
Early bird price: US$5295 (paid in full one month early)
Payment Plan: US $500/month x 12 months
Duration: 4 x weekends as scheduled in the calendar (8 days)
Prerequisites: AcuEnergetics® Level 1, AcuEnergetics® Level 2

Workshop Dates

Dates for Level 3 in Australia have been set for:
April 29th + 30th
May 13th + 14th
May 27th + 28th
June 10th + 11th

You can enrol in the online course here at any time.

We will run the in person sessions on the weekends scheduled on the calendar. You should allow all day for the trainings from 8.30am – approx. 4.30pm.

These sessions will be complemented with recorded lessons online, presentations and course readings. There will be prerecorded teachings on specific topics that we would like you to watch prior to each live session. This is so the live sessions are focused around more discussion and Q+A’s to expand on what is taught.

Do I need to attend all the in person sessions this year?
No. You don’t need to do all the sessions this year. You can do them at another time or simply view the online recordings of past sessions at your own leisure.
Is this course just for Practitioners?
Absolutely not. This course is predominantly for people wanting to learn more about this amazing system for themselves and their family. It is not just for people who want to become Practitioners. Many people don’t want to be Practitioners but do want to learn all about our human condition and how we work and what makes us tick and how we can grow and be happier and develop ourselves. This is what this course is all about.

Ongoing Support for You

Check out the ongoing support available to you during and even after the course ends.

Access to Our Private Global Student Facebook Group

When you jpoin this training, you are eligible to join our private global student facebook community which has students all over the world. Use it to connect with people in your area, ask questions and share ideas – it’s an awesome resource!

Email Support for You

We are here to support you during and after the course – free email support for your lifetime. have a question? Don’t understand something? Want to know how you can have a go at treating something specific? Just get in touch.

Lifetime Access to our Online Student Zone

When you enrol you also get access to our online student zone, which gives you lifetime access to some of the key elements of this training, like how to give the Circulation of the Light Wellness Balance! So you never need to worry about forgetting.

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