Practical Applications of AcuEnergetics

About the Training

The AcuEnergetics® Practitioner Training helps to combine everything you’ve learnt in Level 3, so that you have a better understanding of how to use this knowledge practically.

The emphasis of this part of the AcuEnergetics® Training is in the application of the knowledge of the entire energetic system to help treat specific problems. It includes hands-on experience from other practitioners, with case studies of real examples and detailed notes on approaches for treating specific complaints such as bad backs, knees, shoulders, infertility, anxiety attacks, digestive problems, women’s issues etc.

The AcuEnergetics® approach is very much a holistic one, as it treats the person, as opposed to the symptoms.

AcuEnergetics® Practitioners are trained to effectively treat many problems including: chronic back & neck pain, stress, infertility, knee and ankle problems, sports injuries, menstrual problems, unresolved grief, post operative care, chronic fatigue, thyroid problems, low energy, post traumatic stress, migraines and headaches, burns, IBS and abdominal complaints.

How do I become an AcuEnergetics® Practitioner?

After successfully completing Level 1, 2 , 3 and the Practitioner Training (attending 100% of classes), you are required to complete exams (theoretical & practical) and practical clinic hours. You then become a Provisional AcuEnergetics® Practitioner.

After one year of treating and after completing and submitting your treatment case studies, you will become a fully qualified AcuEnergetics ® Practitioner.

Discover the AcuEnergetics approach to treating any problem

Once you understand the approach, how we think about illness and pain and how to consider things like pattern recognition and other influencing factors to a person’s health, you can start to understand their whole system. Once you understand the system, you can improve the health of the body + mind.

Learn Skills for Healing Pain + Illness

Learn the most effective approach to healing pain and illness, using bio-electrical hand skills and techniques to increase flow and promote healing and wellness in the body. We cover many common complaints including headaches, back pain, neck pain, knee pain, infertility, shoulder pain, insomnia, period pain, erectile issues and lots more.

Learn how to treat stress and emotional complaints

Emotional and mental issues are among the some of the most common complaints people seek help for today. Learn the most effective approach to treating many common emotional issues including anxiety, stress, depression and other traumas.

Five Star Reviews

  • Practitioner Training gives you practical ways to help people heal from injuries, physical pain, and emotions. The format of this class is organized so well. It gives you the understanding to treat everything from headaches, knee pain, back pain, digestive problems, to more serious issues like cancer and infertility. As a practitioner now, I continue to be in awe of how much Kevin and Roxy have and continue to help teach people about this amazing modality. I am so very grateful to know them and this information!


  • I just finished the online 2021 Practioner Training. This was a retake for me. The first time I took the course was in person with Kevin. I was not sure what to expect with an online course. I thought the online course was excellent. We were given information prior to each class, so we were well informed about the material that would be covered in class. This information was in the form of videos, written information, and slides. The live Zoom calls were very beneficial with several demonstrations. All the live calls are recorded and available to the students for a year. There was always an opportunity to ask questions. Very well done.


  • I’m still fascinated by all I can learn from each level of this training. I’m forever grateful for having every year the chance to look with fresh eyes to new and exciting understandings and ways that help me be more effective in treating people.


  • Hearing Kevin teach this course again is absolutely worth the time spent watching the videos. I am learning so much and appreciate his teaching style and demonstrations!


Course Details


There is an early bird discount of $300 if you pay in full for this course one month before it starts. Discounted price: $3295 (earlybird).
There is also a payment plan of $300 a month x 12 months.
Duration: 4 x weekends (condensed course)
Prerequisites: AcuEnergetics ® Level 1, AcuEnergetics® Level 2, AcuEnergetics® Level 3.

Workshop Dates

This workshop is also available online. Click here to enrol online.

Ongoing Support for You

Check out the ongoing support available to you during and even after the course ends.

Access to Our Private Global Student Facebook Group

When you jpoin this training, you are eligible to join our private global student facebook community which has students all over the world. Use it to connect with people in your area, ask questions and share ideas – it’s an awesome resource!

Email Support for You

We are here to support you during and after the course – free email support for your lifetime. have a question? Don’t understand something? Want to know how you can have a go at treating something specific? Just get in touch.

Lifetime Access to our Online Student Zone

When you enrol you also get access to our online student zone, which gives you lifetime access to some of the key elements of this training, like how to give the Circulation of the Light Wellness Balance! So you never need to worry about forgetting.