AcuEnergetics® Level 2: Inner Alchemy ~ treating yourself and others

About the Training

The AcuEnergetics® Level 2 training course takes the initial training in Level 1 to a deeper and more powerful level. Run over 2 weekends it builds on the basic treatment methodologies taught in Level 1 and introduces AcuEnergetics® Energy Centre Balancing and entrainment. You learn six new AcuEnergetics® Wellness Balances as well as how to direct your attention to awaken energy centres in the body. The workshop includes learning inner opening techniques at dawn on Balmoral beach one Sunday morning.

The aim of Level 2 is to bring students to a point where they can easily access the energy needed to practice energetic healing and gain self-mastery of the techniques of energy centre entrainment and specific AcuEnergetics® treatment techniques.

What You Will Learn & Experience

  • To go deeper in your meditations to still the mind and open the heart.
  • How to increase you sensitivity to energy.
  • The Second Gate energetic opening technique.
  • How to open your energetic centres and entrain others.
  • The second stage of Releasework, to release held emotions which cause illness in the body.
  • How to do give a Sacral balance.
  • How to give an Energy Centre Balance.
  • How to give a Thrusting Channels Balance.
  • How to open the energetic Wind Gates of the body.
  • How to open the three spinal gates
  • How to open and balance the Stomach 4’s
  • To open more of the pathways of the energy body.
  • A refresher on how to use Radiance and resonance hand techniques for healing illness.
  • An ancient Sephiroth meditation used for opening the light body.

Course Details


There is an early bird discount of $100 if you pay in full for this course 6 weeks before it starts. Discounted price: $1095
Duration: 2 x weekends (Saturday and Sunday)
Prerequisites: AcuEnergetics ® Level 1 ‘Skills for Living’

Workshop Dates

In Australia, Level 2 is run over two weekends and is schedule for:

1st + 2nd April and 15th + 16th April 2023.

Click here to enrol online.

Alternatively, join our Level 2 online, which can be done at any time, at your own pace. Click here to enrol online. For workshops outside of Australia, visit our International Trainings page.