Energy Medicine Balancing (Level 2)

Discover Advanced Bioelectrical Flows, Skills and Wellness Balances for Encouraging Better Flow in Body + Mind

The AcuEnergetics® Level 2 training course takes the initial training in Level 1 to a much deeper and more powerful level. Run over 2 weekends (if done in person) this training builds on the foundations of treatment methodologies taught in Level 1 and refreshes the skills initially taught in order to develop and increase sensitivity even further when working with the bioelectricity in the body. These skills include Resonance and Radiance, Grounding and The First Gate.

We take you through some of the key energy structures in the human body, so you understand the wider system itself, as well as the various complex and beautiful elements influencing basic human function, movements, emotions and flow.

You learn six new AcuEnergetics® Wellness Balances, which work with different aspects of the bioelectrical system and for treating and improving electrical flow in different areas of the body. These Wellness Balances are incredibly simple yet effective for helping the body restore bioelectrical flow for healing abdominal pains, aches and bloating, stress and emotional turmoil, increasing energy and relieving pain and tension through the back, neck and spine.

We introduce a brand new technique called entrainment, which works with key energy centres in the body and involves a more sophisticated level of energy centre opening that can be extremely beneficial for yourself and for working with others.  

The aim of Level 2 is to bring students to a point where they can easily access the energy needed to practice energy medicine, feel energy centres in themselves and others, give Wellness Balances to improve bioelectrical flow, speed healing and ease pain and gain self-mastery of the techniques of energy centre entrainment and specific AcuEnergetics® treatment techniques.

Amazing Things You Will Learn

  • Simple & profound meditations to quiet the mind and open the heart (The Inner Breath + The Inner Smile).
  • How to continue to develop and improve your sensitivity to energy.
  • The Second Gate energetic opening technique, which helps to further develop your sensitivity and to increase your ability to feel and move energy.
  • How to open your energetic centres and entrain others.
  • The second stage of Releasework, to release held emotions which cause illness in the body.
  • How to give a Sacral Balance, which is brilliant for increasing bioelectrical flow through the neck, spine and hips and helps to ease pain and tension throughout these areas.
  • How to give an Energy Centre Balance, which improves connections between the energy centres and helps with emotional ups and downs and stress.
  • How to give a Thrusting Channels Balance, which increases the amount of energy available in the body and improves the immune response and can help with greatly with fatigue.
  • How to open the energetic Wind Gates of the body, which helps to ease abdominal pain and tension, bloating and conditions like IBS.
  • How to give the Three Spinal Gates Wellness Balance, which relieves pain and tension though the spine in three main areas – the back of the head, neck and mid back.
  • How to give the Stomach 4’s Wellness Balance, which works with the divergent stomach meridian and helps ease pain and tension and improve flow through the back and sacro-illiac joint in the hips.
  • To open more of the bioelectrical pathways of the energy body.
  • The next level of how to feel, understand and encourage improved flow in your own bioelectrical system, including energy centres and meridian points.
  • The next level of how to feel, understand and encourage improved flow in another persons bioelectrical system, including energy centres and meridian points.
  • An ancient Sephiroth meditation used for opening the light body.
  • Quick fixes and simple approaches to treat lots of common complaints such as burns, bruises, tummy pain, period pain, sprains, stress, low energy, adrenal fatigue and lots more.
  • Special hand points for treating a variety of specific complaints such as back pain and period pain.

We also refresh some of the skills taught in Energy Medicine Essentials (Level 1) including:

  • How to still your mind and move into your body, so you can start to sense the bioelectrical system.
  • The Radiance energy technique.
  • The Resonance energy technique.
  • How to ground yourself and others, so you feel strong, balanced and centred.
  • The First Gate energetic opening technique, to open your energy field and encourage improved flow through your central pillar of energy centres.

Course Details


There is an early bird discount of $100 if you pay in full for this course 6 weeks before it starts. Discounted price: $1095
Duration: 2 x weekends (Saturday and Sunday)
Prerequisites: AcuEnergetics ® Level 1 ‘Skills for Living’

Workshop Dates

In Australia, Level 2 is run over two weekends and is schedule for:

1st + 2nd April and 15th + 16th April 2023.

Click here to enrol online.

Alternatively, join our Level 2 online, which can be done at any time, at your own pace. Click here to enrol online. For workshops outside of Australia, visit our International Trainings page.