Energy Medicine Evolution (Level 3)


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About the Training

Level 3 is an in-depth experiential & theoretical training in bio-electrical bodywork and a profound journey of self discovery. Students are trained to feel, understand and work with the meridians, electrical centres or sephira, bio-electrical strange flows and acu points. The emphasis of this course is on the practical uses of a detailed understanding of the physiology and anatomy of the bio-electrical system.

This amazing course is suitable for people who wish to undertake an amazing journey of discovery into themselves. It also appeals to people seeking a new career, those looking to enhance an existing career in western or complementary medicine, and people from other fields who wish to gain an in-depth understanding of how the energy body works.

If you have any questions about this at all, please fee free to contact us for a chat.

What You Will Learn & Experience

  • Bio-electrical structures in the body
  • The heart + electrical centres in the body
  • Embryology of Fields
  • The Four Psychologies
  • Unity of Mind Body Spirit
  • Electricity + the Chemistry of Emotions
  • The 12 Meridians, Meridian Relationships and Muscle Meridians
  • How to feel and open meridians in the body.
  • Terrain Theory in the body + Causes of Illness
  • The Special Messengers
  • Qi and energy structures in the body
  • Five Element Theory, elemental movements and yin & yang
  • The Pranic Fields
  • The Great Central Channel, the Tan Tiens and energy fields
  • The Fuel Principles
  • Ida & Pingala
  • The Spinal Meridian System
  • The Ancient Sephiroth to open the light body and heal the body
  • The Strange flows
  • How to improve your energetic hand skills for treating people.
  • New hand skills
  • How to give an Energy Lymph Drainage.
  • How to give anEnergetic Liver Flush.
  • How to give a Reverse Sacral Balance
  • How to give a Pelvic Alignment Balance
  • Techniques to help you meditate and still your mind.
We will run Live sessions on the weekends scheduled on the calendar from approximately 9am – 4pm.
These dates are:

April 29th + 30th
May 13th + 14th
May 27th + 28th
June 10th + 11th

These sessions will be complemented with recorded lessons online, presentations and course readings.

There will be prerecorded teachings on specific topics that we would like you to watch prior to each live session. This is so the live sessions are focused around more discussion and Q+A’s to expand on what is taught.

Student Testimonials:

Level 1 and 2 were amazing. Level 3 blew me away as it completed the energetic picture. I now can be very specific in my treatments, what took an hour to resolve now takes minutes. My ability and effectiveness to treat specific problems has increased ten fold.” D.F Foster NSW

After attending yoga and martial arts classes for ten years, studying anatomy and physiology and completing a three year science degree, I thought I had a good understanding of the body and how it functions. However there is one main area that all of the above only vaguely touched upon and that is the energetic system. This system is a world of information essential for understanding the body and its many functions. To truly understand the body is to understand this energetic system. The Level 3 AcuEnergetics® course is based on this system and provides a solid foundation for understanding it and working with it through theory and practice. It is an invaluable tool for understanding your own body and essential for healing others. If you have ever thought about healing as a practice or simply want to understand your own ‘self’ I encourage you to look through this door…and take a step.” S.V. Sydney

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Level 3

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