The Wellness Balance Book




Size: A4 size hard cover book

We are so happy to finally be ready to offer our long awaited Wellness Balance Book.
We would love your support of this project by purchasing your book now and being part of the first group of people to receive this wonderful AcuEnergetics® text book.

This has been years in the making, with so many people involved in making it possible. It has truly been a journey and it feels so wonderful to be almost at the end of this incredibly fulfilling experience.

The book contains all our wellness balances with great photos and imagery throughout, to make it not only practical and useful, but beautiful and inspiring as well.

From the back cover:

In AcuEnergetics® we believe there is a state of health that lies outside of the accepted western model. In western medicine, either you are sick or you’re not.

The state of health that lies outside that model is wellness. This is where the mind and body and spirit are operating at their optimum potential, resulting in happiness, openness and contentment.

These AcuEnergetics® Wellness Balances were created by Kevin Niv Farrow and their purpose is to allow us to discover that positive state of health.

We have worked with passion to bring you this book and created it with so much love and attention – we hope you love it as much as we do.

With love & thanks
Niv and Rochelle

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