Enlighten: Practices for the Modern Mystic By Kevin Niv Farrow




ENLIGHTEN – Practices For the Modern Mystic, is for the modern mystic in us all. Mysticism is about freeing our mind from the attitudes and emotions we hold on to, and expanding our awareness. ENLIGHTEN will help to deepen your understanding of the body and mind, allowing you to develop a meditation practice that is beautiful and truly fulfilling. All teachings of mysticism are inherently experiential, so any oral or written teachings have no real meaning until they are translated into the experiential realm. Still, it’s very handy to have a map of the process and the body and mind in which this process occurs. While the foundation of mysticism is love, the beginnings of mystic practice lie in the practice of unforced stillness of mind. Stillness is the essential aspect that helps us to uncover the alchemical secrets inherent in the mind and energy field of the body. As the Sufi poet Hafiz said; ‘for the inner alchemy to work, the water jug needs a still cup. Why ask me anything more about your most vital requirement?’

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