A story in healing the body

Below is the story of Veeresh D. Yuson-Sanchez and his experience with AcuEnergetics® some time ago now. Veeresh is now no longer with us, but his memory and enthusiastic and funny description of his experience with AcuEnergetics® over many years will live on in our memories. Veeresh was an outstanding therapist and teacher who became famous for his work in the Human Potential Movement. He founded The respected Humaniversity in Holland in 1978, which is an international center for therapy, training and personal growth.

While visiting and teaching at the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune (India), Veeresh was introduced to Kevin Farrow, founder and director of the AcuEnergetics® Clinic and Training School in Sydney. Veeresh attended a couple of sessions and the results were amazing. He valued the work of Kevin so much that he changed his plans and decided to continue his treatment in Australia.

The following article is taken from the Humaniversity Newsetter, March 2009, written by Geetee.
Pain in Veeresh’s hip For 18 years Veeresh has been suffering from excruciating pain in his hip and leg. The message from regular doctors was: “Take some discs out, grind them down and put them back with the help of metal clamps.” Luckily, he never opted to do the operation. Meeting the ‘Magician’ Veeresh booked a session with Kevin and after 90 minutes of treatment, he walked out free of pain. Veeresh was amazed, and from that moment on, called him ‘his magician’. He kept expecting his condition to worsen, but he is still pain free today, 2 months later. Due to the amazing result in his body, Veeresh decided to fly to Sydney and to stop over in Kuala Lumpur on the way to see his son Champak, who lives there.

Treatment in Sydney, Australia

Then on to Sydney and its beautiful sights, the Harbour, Circular Quay, the Opera house on a little peninsula, George Street, a beautiful shopping street, and the School of AcuEnergetics® in Balmain, Sydney. Veeresh was able to receive sessions every day of his stay, generously offered by Kevin, Rochelle and some of their practitioners and students. Kevin even insisted on treating Veeresh on his days off and after his regular working hours. We soon developed a dear friendship and became very enthusiastic about their work.

We had several meals together and asked many questions about their way of treating.They answered with passionate patience and explained to us about their work and told us many stories from their experiences. Kevin has published one book, and is currently working on a second one, containing a deeper explanation of what he does and how the energy system of the body functions.

“The approach appeared spooky, it’s like acupuncture without needles. But the results have been astounding.Today I am walking without losing balance, my energy is flowing, and I have no more pain in my hip. I am so enthusiastic that we are sending two of our students, who are stuck on a physical level, to Australia for treatment. I look forward to having AcuEnergetics® training at the Osho Humaniversity in the future.” 

Veeresh AcuEnergetics® Treatment Mental trauma creates blocks in the body. Kevin sees the body as a three dimensional manifestation of the mind. In his treatment he is alleviating mental trauma and at the same time he stimulates an opening of energy gates. That allows the chi, or life energy, to flow naturally through the meridians, thus enabling the body to heal itself. Some of the complaints AcuEnergetics® treats include: chronic back & knee pain, sciatica, menstrual problems & infertility, thyroid problems, anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems, stress & trauma,sports injuries & many other problems. Home again Finally it was time to go back home again. We feel rich in our hearts to have made such beautiful and generous friends and are looking forward to the next time we meet. Extract from the Humaniversity Newsletter, March 2009